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Trams on Track?

As we all know everyone has mixed feelings on Edinburgh trams. Edinburgh trams are well known for the nuisance they have caused. But what are the facts? Is there more to the trams than what meets the eye? Generally the public do not know the solid facts and only know the street whispers.

The £776 million system, more than double its original £375 million budget, is due to open Summer 2014, three years later than planned. It will run 8 miles from the city centre to the airport at a painfully slow 30 mph. The tram project is Scotland’s second largest infrastructure after the Forth Road Bridge replacement crossing.

One of the main reasons the general public dislike the trams is simply because of the chaotic mess it has brought to what used to be known as a ‘beautiful city’. All of the mess is causing problems for shops and businesses in town. Before the sales where rocketing but now access to their shops has got more difficult, their sales have plummeted by a considerable amount.

It’s not just local people that are suffering. It’s the people who have paid good money to see what they thought was supposed to be a historical city. Despite all of these faults, of course there are some good points with the trams. They are predicted to bring in more tourists.

‘The ghost trams’. The head of trams are sending trams on runs, but not allowing passengers aboard, starting early 2014 for 6 months. This had made uproar towards the public, due to waste of fuel and mere ‘pointlessness’. Some people are excited and happy about the idea of ‘the ghost trams’ as they would rather see the trams making some progress than none at all.

Councillor Lesley Hinds the Transport Convenor of City of Edinburgh Council and the lady responsible for the trams initiative in Edinburgh  gave the following statement:

“I am confident that when the Edinburgh tram project is delivered it will bring real benefit so the city as part of a modern, integrated transport system. Trams will have priority along the route, which will connect the city centre to the Airport, providing a fast, smooth and comfortable transit through the city. With a capacity of 250 passengers (four times that of a bus) they will help to cut congestion and I believe they will encourage more people to use public transport, as has been the case in other cities where trams have been introduced. Trams also efficient and clean, with zero on-street emission”.

With the chaos still outstanding we will just have to wait and see if the wait will be worth it.

By Courtney, Kerry and Matthew.

Sporty 14 

  In 2014 we are expecting an electric atmosphere in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. 54 Countries will be heading to Glasgow for 11 days of sport with 17 different events between the 23rd of July and the 3rd of August.

Altogether there will be 14 venues. These will include the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, the SECC, HampdenPark and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. The Scottish Athletes Chief Stephen Maguire believes the Hampden roar will help the athletes to achieve a lot more than they would have otherwise. The Shettlestone Harriers athlete and Iona university student Matthew Gillespie recently made a brilliant mile run in the United States, finishing in just 3 minutes, 58.55 seconds. This time pushes him up in the Scottish all-time rankings and makes him a great contender for the Commonwealth championships.

On the 30th of July 2002 the Scottish Government and Commonwealth Games Scotland decided to put a bid in to be the host country for the Commonwealth Games 2014. After years of planning, on the 9th of November 2007 the bid was announced. Glasgow was declared the winner of the right to host the games. Work started immediately on preparing a plan that would take the bid into reality. On October 14th 2010, Glasgow became the official hosts. The occasion was marked by the Delhi flag handover ceremony, part of the closing ceremony for Delhi 2010.

The City Council and Glasgow 14 Limited are covering most of the cost for the Commonwealth Games, but it has a high expense. They are sharing a budget of £524 million. There is also a high risk that security costs are higher than expected based on experiences of other Games.

We interviewed Forrester High P.E Teacher Mr Macphie and he thought “Most countries that host things notoriously do better. They (Scotland) do have chances to win medals, because more money has been put into them from sponsors”. We also interviewed support for learning teacher Mrs Wimberley who has volunteered to help with the Commonwealth Games. She said:

“I applied because I like all kinds of Sport.”

At the moment the Commonwealth Games are still being planned. Tickets are already on sale and they have the venues, the budget and the countries taking part already organised. From all of us at ForresterHigh School, best of luck at the games.

By Aimee, Joel, Rhona and Robbie

Mysterious Meals.

Never did we think that you could eat frog’s legs or fish eyes or that horse meat would be found in our meat, but national TV shows and polish meat suppliers proved Britain wrong. This report is going to be about the strange foods people in our school have eaten.

We then thought it would be exciting to interview staff and pupils in our school. The first person we interviewed was the head chef at Forrester High School, Gillian Black. We interviewed her about the strangest foods she has ever cooked and eaten. She had said:

“the strangest food I have ever eaten was Kangaroo”.

She used to work in a expensive restaurant in Australia that cooked Kangaroo.

The next interview source was with Mr Forrest, a History teacher at the school. He said:

“I like cooking with heart. You just fry heart and it has an intense flavour.

“It is cheaper to buy than a chicken breast. You can buy it in any local supermarket” he continued.

C.D.T teacher Mr Carter explained he has eaten a lot of wacky and strange foods.  The weirdest food he had eaten is octopus but he has also eaten zebra, crocodile and kangaroo.  He expressed his concerns about cooking some of these treats for himself:

“It’s a bit hard to find octopus in Edinburgh”.

He enjoyed all the foods he has eaten and recommends that everyone should try them.

After these fascinating interviews, the news team are now tempted to go and try these mysterious meals for themselves.

By Abbie, James, Justin, Olivia and Vicki

Look Oot Yur Kilt, Get Yur Kilts Oan

The Kiltwalk is a special event where the general public can take part in charity walk. The Kiltwalk takes place on the 19th of May. The main walk is 26 miles long the half walk is 13 miles long and the wee walk is 10km.The Kiltwalk costs £5.00 per child and £10.00 per adult (over 16 years old).

Your entry fee and sponsors from friends and family goes to help six feeder charities. The six feeder charities are:

Sick Kids Friends Foundation, Tartan Army Children’s Charity (TACC), CLIC Sergeant, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and Aberlour.

A source from Sick Kids Friends Foundation states that:

“The Sick Kids Friends Foundation are delighted to be associated with ’The Kiltwalk’ in helping patients and families within the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh”.

As well as helping these charities, the Kiltwalk is a lot of fun, you can have a walk with your friends and wear a kilt to add to the excitement! Celebrities have been known to take part. Real Radio Breakfast presenter Cat Harvey has done every walk and previous Scotland manager, Craig Levein took part in the last two. Rugby legend Chris Patterson, OBE is going to be leading the Main Walk out of Murrayfield. He is also going to be taking part in the Wee Walk.

When the Kiltwalk first started, adverts in newspapers helped to spread the word and now it is a popular annual event. People reacted in a very positive way and have turned up to support all these charities and at the same time, having fun.

We contacted Carey McEvoy, the Co-Founder of the Kiltwalk.

He explained how the idea began:

“I got the idea from the Moonwalk. They are fantastically successful and I always admired their branding and imagery. The photos on the website look like the participants are having the best time ever. I was convinced there was room for another event, similar but different enough to create its own space in what is an incredibly busy sector. The concept has proven to be very appealing to the general public supporting not one, but a selection of causes.”

Planning for the Kiltwalk is going well,this year should be even better than the past few years. It is going to be a great event once again. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain!

By Morven, Muzammel, Nikki, Reece and Robyn

Comenius Culture Swap 

20 lucky students from Forrester High School are taking part in the Comenius RACE project. In this project the students get to go to a range of countries and experience different cultures, food and lifestyles. Although it can sometimes be nerve wracking going to a different country without your family, the trips you go on and the friendships you make help you forget about your worries.

This unique project involves 3 countries, Scotland, Poland and Spain. 20 students from each country take part but only 10 students from each country go on each trip. This brilliant project brings several cultures and lifestyles together. Allowing pupils to experience the lifestyles of other families.

A man called John Amos Comenius was a Polish man who made textbooks for Polish students. He is often considered the father of modern education. This is why the project is named after him, because of his achievements in education.

The project is coming to an end in May this year, when the final trip to Spain is made. Although the project is over for pupils who visited Poland, they still take part in meetings and are still in contact with their host family. Pupils going to Spain are very excited and can’t wait for their trip!

Mrs Scott, Deputy Head of Forrester High School said:

“Comenius brings pupils out of their comfort zone because we use home stay and not a hotel so that pupils are totally immersed in the culture.”

She continued to share her favourite part of the project:

“My best experience was seeing the pupils and hearing about Poland and was so proud seeing them embrace it and being a host.”

There are still several Comenius trips this year and all the pupils seem to be looking forward to them. The next Comenius trip is in 8 weeks and the students are going to Spain for a week. None of the pupils want Comenius to end and are hoping that they will be able to keep in contact with their hosts from the different Countries.

By Eilidh, Gregor, Kelsey and Rachel

Joyal Arrival

After the fascinating wedding in April of 2011 it was incredible news when William and Kate announced that Kate is pregnant. It was announced in December and was a real Christmas treat!

Whether it is a boy or a girl, it would be third in line for the throne, after Prince Charles and Prince William. The new Royal is expected to be born sometime in July.

William and Kate’s bundle of joy is due in July, and people all over the world are getting exited. People from lots of different countries love the royal couple, and there was the same amount of buzz about their wedding.

A historian has claimed that Prince Charles should step aside to let Prince William take his place on the throne. This was said after the announcement that William and Kate were having their first child. The historian has expressed that there are too many heirs to the throne and that Charles is too old to become King, even though he is only 67.

In April, William and Kate had their fantastic Royal Wedding then went on a honeymoon to a private villa in Seychelles. When they got home from their holiday to Mustique, they were delighted to find out that Kate was pregnant. They were going to keep it a secret until Christmas-when the whole family was together. Unfortunately Kate’s pregnancy took a turn for the worst, she had to be admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. Everyone was worried.

At the start of March, Kate was given a teddy from a member of the public as a gift. There is speculation that Kate let slip what the gender of the baby is. The woman gave the Duchess the gift and Kate thens said:

“Thank you, I’ll keep this for my d-d”.

We will just have to wait until July to find out what the gender will be.

We were privileged to receive a reply from the Royal press with a statement about the Duke and Duchess:

“Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby in July. The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news.”

At the moment Kate is 6 months pregnant and it’s going well. Everyone is excited, Kate is taking it easy and we’re all eager to see the soon to be Royal. Kate is looking fabulous with her pregnancy and everyone is still in love with the Royal couple.

By Adam, Holly, Laura, Leila and Natalie


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